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1ZULFIQAR! Empty ZULFIQAR! on 23/09/18, 11:01 pm

Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
Lesser Zulfiqar
Tier: B
Type: Offensive
Requirements/Drawbacks:This ability must charge for 1 post before activating. Jahanghir must be holding the weapon handle while activating.
Scaling:Instances - For an additional 10 magoi the instances of B tier ability dmg this ability may inflict will double
Cool Down:3
Cost: 15
Description: Jahanghir must be holding the Damokles blade during the activation of this ability. Jahangir holds the Damokles and it begins to charge. During the charging process Damokles does a few things

  • The Damokles will create a sphere 7 ms in diameter with it at the center, within this sphere the Damokles will absorb light from its environment with maximum force. Around the edges of the spheres range you can visible see light particles accumulate.

    After the Damokles has charged for a single post its effect may then activate. During the initial activation the Damokles does a few things

  • The Sphere which details the active range of the Damokles absorption becomes pitch black as the Damokles has reached the peak of its ability. (This is due to the rapid acceleration of which the Damokles absorbs light from the environment.)
  • The Damokles will turn white from the amount of light it has absorbed from the environment

After initial Activation the Damokles can instantly activate its effect. The Damokles will do this while activating its effect:

  • The Damokles will fire a large AOE when lesser Zulfiqar is activated. Light will travel in all directions possible in a diameter up to 15 m, with its caster being the source.The light released from Zulfiqar travels harmlessly through the caster and the clothes, equipment, and individuals in contact with his body.

  • This wave of light will damage all things it hits with an instance of B TIER ABILITY DAMAGE per turn. (This will come in the form of strong burns. Which will worsen if continually exposed to Zulfiqar) (The caster being the source of the spell

  • Zulfiqar will remain active for 3 turns. It will deactivate prematurely if Jahangir stops holding the weapon.



2ZULFIQAR! Empty Re: ZULFIQAR! on 11/10/18, 10:02 pm

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou
Hello Jaja, I'll be grading your ability!

  • 1. 15m is long range, not medium.
  • 2. Anyone inside the 7m sphere won't be able to see. That light is being absorbed, so you're essentially blind for a post. On the upside, no one will know your precise location inside the sphere.
  • 3. Either the B-tier damage dealt is split across several posts or the B tier damage is instantaneous. You can't deal 3 instances of B tier damage over 3 posts.
  • 4. For staff reference, please put in Damokles' information above the ability!

When you edit the ability, please bump! If you have any questions, feel free to refer to ththe Questions and Suggestions!


{ Alt Account: Amatus Laertes & Merari }

3ZULFIQAR! Empty Re: ZULFIQAR! on 20/09/19, 09:28 pm


After long discussion on this ability, me and staff have come the conclusion what we would ask you to edit would dissatisfy you, so we recommend splitting this ability into two other abilities that can play off each other for a good combo. If you would like to continue with this single ability's grading, we may but it likely won't get what you are trying to achieve with this ability.

I recommend having an ability where you drain the light from an area and are able to blind people within a certain area, and follow up with ability where your blade begins to shimmer white and then unleashes an AoE light that goes out burns, which its scaling would be hits instead of instances as it does not make much sense for a flash type ability. Careful though, you do not want it to hit you. You will need to come up with another idea to not be affected by the burning light cause it cannot just seamlessly pass through you and allies. Light bending around you may be possible but I must talk to staff about it.



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