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A new land, a new warrior.[Solo]

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1A new land, a new warrior.[Solo]  Empty A new land, a new warrior.[Solo] on 11/09/18, 04:23 pm

Knuckles entered the new land, it had been a while since he had traveled outside of Reim, it had been years truly. He hadn't left it since he freed himself and starting working as a Gladiator there.  Though he had trained and fought to be a Famous fighter and warrior within Reim and the Unity Corps while there his dreams of fighting the best weren't met. There were people with enormous powers outside of Reim that he had yet to see and meet.  He had limited himself to Reim and had quickly become one of the strongest warriors of Reim outside of the Fanails Corps Leader and Champion of the Coliseum.  The Leader of the Fanalis corps had the power of a Dijinn on his side, the champion was a master of combat and a pillar of strength. Meanwhile, Knuckles had learned the peak power of his warrior abilities currently, however since discovering his magoi he had always sought out a better understanding of it, and full mastery of it.  While his choices as a warrior had led him to have a large amount of physical energy it had left him lacking in the life energy known as Magoi.  As far as he knew there was no warrior out there that had a true understanding and control over magoi like magicians,  after all, they used spells that were the bases of magoi controlling these things called Ruhk that he didn't even understand since he couldn't even see them.  That didn't stop him from wanting to explore this power more and wanted to completely master the idea of it.  Not only did he want to master it but he wanted to make this his primary focus when it came to fighting, as he stood now he had the ability to channel it into weapons to strengthen them and negate magic with it, but also channel this through his entire body to enhance himself and make his body immune to magic.

Since he was more of a close-range fighter, Knuckles thought the idea of controlling magoi on a larger scale would be ideal, it would also allow him to be the first Magoi warrior he knew of.   If he could only attain a power to give him what he wanted.  In his head, he thought if he had better control and a true mastery over Magoi he could either freely use magoi with less of a toll on his overall life energy or increase it somehow.  He didn't care if this was gained through an item or some type of training, or even some other sort of way, he'd give a lot to understand it fully and use it like no one else could. Something that would make him famous for this style of combat as most infamous warriors and fighters did.  It would be what made Knuckles, Knuckles. It could set him apart from the others of his race, and other warriors entirely. And while he did have an armory of weapons on his person carrying more things into combat than most warriors, there were others like that in the world who had numbers of items to increase their fighting potential. To him enhancing his control over Magoi would allow him to set himself apart, and achieve new heights.  

Looking into his hands at the strange shard Knuckles would close his eyes as he hoped this would either answer his prayers and allow him to find something that gave him what he wished for or turn him into something that could.  His hands met as he spoke out "I wish to master Magoi on a level no one has ever known, to achieve a new height of power through Magoi. To become a warrior of Magoi..." The shard was fully crushed as the sprinkles of dust from the shard would swirl around him with the wind before going who knew where. He'd wait for a few minutes to see if his prayers were answered.

Item used:

A new land, a new warrior.[Solo]  HREQtj1
Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. Please see the Shard Systems Page for more information.
Amount: 1

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As he crushed the shard he would feel it soak into his body almost. The Rukh Flowed through him, and his body was starting to react. His magoi started leaking, he was producing more in that moment than his body could hold. He would be able to use it though, it was his to control and use. The young fanalis would feel a heat from his body. His body would feel nearly on fire as it glowed with the aura of his own energy. Knux would learn to need to control and stay calm to use this new power.

Trait Name: Masterful magoi manipulation
Trait Tier: Omega
Trait Requirement: SoS Trait
Trait Description: Through the power of the Solomon shard this person has gained further mastery over magoi. By using their magoi and focusing their mind they can enter a state of temporary enhanced magoi production. Their body exudes an aura during this state.
Trait Effect: The user uses a basic action spending 20 magoi to focus their body using the shards body to produce more Rukh. Their pools stay the same, but they gain 120 magoi losing 10 per turn until all the magoi is done. Once per thread or long wait in a post.

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As the Ruhk entered his body, his tattoos would glow with energy, the marks of his former masters were now going to be symbols of power, or were they that all along? It was where he had learned to fight, and get his pride. He'd let out a scream as his magoi was flowing out of his body in a visual state, much like his magoi abilities but much more intense. The burning of his body currently was fitting as that's what it felt his magoi was, flames. Setting his body on fire but not harming it at the same time, a feeling he wasn't sure he'd get used to. As the aura would wave on Knuckles would fall to his knees, as quickly as the aura came it would fade away. Clenching his chest he would breath heavy. "What the hell was that just now?" Currently he couldn't tell if a demon entered his body or his wish had been granted. Truly, right now it didn't matter he felt different.

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