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The Fool joins the Fray [Plot/Sesshomaru]

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The room was dark and dank, light crept in from the cracks of the building. The dust in the air softly passing through the light before disappearing into the pale darkness. The moist air would coat the young Fanalis skin as the smell of wet wood and fur would tickle his nose.

Shadows were in the room, confusion would quickly rush the young man's thoughts. Last time he remembered he was being rescued, his allies were surely somewhere in the area. As eyes would wonder there would be a strange figure standing amongst the debris of the building, which upon closer inspection seemed to be an abandoned house, possibly a manor.

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Standing on a collapsed beam appeared to be a bipedal cat? The fierce feline carried a sword on his back and wore a strange yellow coat. He examined the fanalis ferociously, with a curious eye and warm grin.

"It look's like our orphan is fine, glad to see the getaway didn't hurt you, my boy." He offered a hand and then said.[color=#ff9900]"Nice to meet you, my child, my name is Mars. Welcome to the family!"[color]

The situation would happen quickly, yet appearing in the corner near the light stood a familiar figure to Sesshomaru. It was one of his escapes from the prison. It was Bayek, the tall Heliohaptian man would give a strong wave.

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The tall man would wave over at where the other rescuee was. "It Looks like Babe is safe as well, she struggled a bit but we got her to calm down as well."

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The frantic woman shook around, her black hair tossing as two others stood beside her helping her calm down. There were two more members in the family that walked out from the shadows. First was a strange armored warrior, they were large and tusks protruded from their defenses.

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Another was a young magician girl, she would stare there, her blue hair palely shining in the light. She would give a small smile, gently waving her hand at the floored fanalis.

The Fool joins the Fray [Plot/Sesshomaru] Latest?cb=20170923132814

Sesshomaru was now in a crowd of strange figures. How would the boy react knowing that there were strangers and new friends surrounding him? It was an odd setting in this broken rich house. It was now his choice of how to react and weave his fate once again.

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The red haired adventurer of wonders wakes up after being taken by Bayek's comrades. He must have fell asleep while riding the giant armored snake. He sits up and looks around spotting so many weird and interesting people in the room. He had met a small group of people just a few hours ago, or maybe it was a day ago? He went with the the group cause Bayek asked him to but he wasn't even sure what the group was just that they were gonna give back what belonged to the people, whatever that meant. The reason of the group didn't matter much to the simple minded adventurer as he could taste adventure in the air. That and it was likely he would make new friends, he didn't have many.

He looks directly at the at the cat man? Man cat maybe? He was entranced by the cat person. He had never seen anything magical yet so he was completely surprised to see something that was not at all human or normal, his first magical experience! He jumps up and takes the cats hand and shakes it. "Nice to meet you Mr. Mars! Are you a magical cat? Or maybe you are a man who became part cat?
Can you teach me how to fight with a sword? Do you wanna spar?"
He would say asking several questions at once clearly excited.

He would then look at Bayek and waves back. "Hiya Bayek, nice place! Glad to see you are more cheerful then earlier!" He says then looks over at the strange woman he met with Bayek and felt protective over. He waves at her as well, "hey there miss!
I am glad to see thay you are okay now, you looked pretty beat up at the prison wagon. I will keep my promise and protect you."
He would say still speaking fast from all the excitement.

He would then turn to the final two, first he looked at the large armored man with the tusks, his eyes widened as more questions came to his mind. "Oh that is a cool armor! It looks foreign, where is it from? And are those your real tusks or part of the armor?" He would look at the girl next, she looked close to his age and was cute. He smiles and waves back at her.

After making contact with the five people in the room he would stand up and put his fist of one and against the flat of his palm of his other hand. This was his own styled greeting and salute. "It is great to meet all of you,
I am the adventurer known as Sessho! I came cause Bayek asked me to join however I don't know what this group is about so please tell me about your group."
He would say seeming to be much more calmer now. However he did have one more question, "Oh also, where is the giant snake you guys have?" He would ask finally done talking.

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Mars would give the boy a soft smile, his whiskers perking up with his face. He would stare a the boy, his eye was intimidating, It was very obvervant and weary despite the positive look that was on the cat's face. He paced over to the boy, his paws stretching outward as he would allow for him to speak to the others and give his reasoning he meowed out some instructions.

"We're glad you joined but Bayek invited you because of your attempt on the throne, Some of us are thieves like you, we just have a common goal of wanting to make the word just and equal."

His words seemed sly but kind. Sessho would only be able to tell that he had good intentions, he was seemingly glad that the boy was there. He allowed him the chance to meet and talk with the others, the suit of armor and the blue haired mage seemed distant. Bayek, on the other hand, gave the fanalis a big hug, giving a strong embrace. Baba showed a smile, she didn't speak but the woman was able to recognize her savior and friend. The Manor was dank, dark and impossible to make out more than who was in there. Mars would open the curtains revealing the place, the magician let go of a spell, the manor fading into beauty. It seemingly repaired itself, no the entire thing was an illusion from the start.

"The snake is mine, he's outside. First I want to know more about you lad, and feel free to mingle with those here."

Everyone would be waiting to see what the young man would do. It was odd, it was like they wanted to provide as little info as possible why trying to warm him and see how he felt about the family. Sessho had to make a first impression now that they weren't in a cell.

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The red head smiled as he was greeted by Bayek with a big and then a smile from the woman he met. It was great to see that they were both okay after the wagon crashed. He looks at Mars, the cat man, as he was talking. He could tell that this guy had experience and had probably seen his share of combat. He felt he could trust this person but then again Sessho was an easily trusting person so it wouldn't take much to persuade him. He would look at the large armor covered man and the quiet girl wondering why they weren't saying anything. He was trying hard to think of a way to gain their trust and have them like him.

He smiles more when he hears that the group's goal was to make the world just, he like that a lot. He then gasps when he sees the mansion change from ruins to a manor in great shape. Was this magic? He laughs excitedly, ha had always wanted to see magic in person but the closest he had was his ring and carpet. He looks around them runs up the the girl."Did you disguise this place? Was that a magic thing? Are you one of the fancy magic users? I am Sessho it is great to meet you!" he would say cheerfully giving her a moment to reply then he would go up to the large armored man. "Hey there I am Sessho, your armor is really cool! I can't wait to see you in action!" he would say also giving him a moment to reply before taking a step back and smiles at Mars. "This place is great!
Thank you for accepted me, I would love yo call you guys family! As for about me, there isn't much. I am a Fans so I am strong and fast but that is about it for now, not much experience. Also I am not too smart but I never give up in a fight and I will do anything to protect my friends and family"
he would say hoping this would leave a great impression.

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Mars whiskers would perk up as he could tell the boy was starting to get excited. It was obvious that he was full of energy. The feline man would move himself closer to Sessho placing his paw on the boy. He wasn't very tall, he had to look up the man. His warm voice would chirp once more in response to the flurry of questions Sessho had offered. "This is our house. or base of operations one would say. Yes it was hidden with magic thanks to out resident mage here." He would gesture towards the blue haired girl.

"That's Roah, she's a little shy but don't worry shes's really sweet once she warms up to you. She's the one I'm training as my successor to the family. The big armored fella here Ares, he'll introduce himself, he's the baby of the family tho, don't let em intimidate you." He would chuckle, waving his hand. Each of them seeming to just leave for the time being besides Mars, Baba and Bayek.

They were glad to see he was awake. "You'll have the chance to talk to the others whenever you wish, for now we need to get you and this young lady settled in. I won't force you into our work but I will keep you in our house for the time. You may be a member of this family but we all play our part, so what do ya say?"

Bayek seemingly encouraging from the corner while standing near Baba as if to protect her, he had moved away during Sessho's leap for answers. "Come on buddy, it'll be fun to have you as a brother. The work is hard but it's fun, you get to fight strong people, you get to steal what you want from the bad and knock their ugly blocks off!"

While he encouraged Baba would listen, she was calmer now, even her muttering had stopped. Maybe the setting had helped, she would look over at Sessho. She would choose to do whatever he would, she was definitely going to stay here for the shelter while she tried to figure things out.

The offer was extended in the form of a handshake towards the fanalis. He seemed willing to fight but he had no idea what he was getting himself into. It was only fair that he got that basic explanation from his new potential kin.

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He smiles listening as the cat man introduced the other two members who didn't seem to be big talkers but he would get his chance to ralk to them later. He would wait as the others left leaving just him, his friends and Mars. He would think for a few as he thought about their offer. He didn't really like the idea of stealing but it was from those who were crooked like some of the wealthy folks he had seen before. It was an awesome chance for him to find cool treasures like his magic ring. There was no way he could say no. He looks over at Baba knowing she wasn't really a part of this and wondering how she would feel staying here. He had promised to her that he would protect her from the dog men and wouldn't let anything happen to her. And that was a promise he was gonna keep. She looked fine here tho so maybe staying here will keep her safe. That and his new friend Bayek was also a part of this. He would finally smiles and nod shaking mars hand eagerly. "I would love to join! Sounds like an adventure
But so you know I will not tolerate any killing. I can't wait to start! You have my fists for your cause!"
he would say with a lot of enthusiasm wondering what adve tyres he would get with this Family.

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The cat would give a bright smile in response to the boy. He liked his answer, it was good to have the boy on board. The feline fighter would walk away, turning his back as he chose to speak as he left the room.

"Well, you'll soon see what we're up to. I like your heart so far, just keep in mind that battles can bring more travesty than you wish. So if you wish to avoid, you must eliminate the cause of corruption."

His words weren't threatening but they were clearly ominous. The door would slam behind him as he seemed to shut it with barely a movement. The air was silent for a second before the sound of Bayek pouncing over to his new friend joyously. The large Heliohaptian male would bare his pearly whites as he was glad to have a new member in the family. Even baba would seemingly smile despite her eyes seemingly strained.

Bayek would only say one thing to his new brother "Lets get some grub then to welcome you in!"

His hardy laugh would bounce off the walls and even managed to awaken a slight murmur in response.

Plot will continue in another thread


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