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A Misguided Magus and The Dark King's Lost Path of Fate [Main Hall/Lestacia/Adrastos/KILL VIABLE]

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“You couldn’t be more wrong,” Adrastos chided. Lestacia looked toward the man questionably.

"What Do you mean?" She said looking at him quizzically. She didn't understand. The man was going to have to break it down for her.

“The further we get into the dungeon, the more difficult the challenges are. The third room is the necropolis, a ghost town of an ancient city. In Dantalion, we were chased by a sandstorm,” the dark king pointed back at the ice wraith with his thumb. “Much like how we are being chased by this wraith. If we stop for even a second, we will die. She won’t stop.”

If we are being chased now, then we have a bigger challenge in the next room. Not only others in the dungeon, but the dungeon’s dangers as well.”

"A Bigger challenge? What could be bigger than THAT?!" SHe said pointing backwards towards the wraith. "Forgive me. I'm speaking out of inexperience."

Lestacia understood now why he had been holding back. She slowly slid her hands down and looked behind her. Seeing the icy blasts come nearer. "INCOMING ICE ATTACK! There's Three of them!" She alerted to Adrastos. “We’re going to get sandwiched…” She thought she had heard a curse escape his lips. I think Me and Ayakashi can handle the crowd up ahead I'll back him up. As long as we get to the door We should be fine! The door is all that matters! AYAKASHI! DID YOU CATCH THAT?!" She said preparing a spell for him. Lestacia would command the rukh to form Around the Fanalis. She would cast Polarity upon Ayakashi allowing him to fly in the Air Freely above them." He'd still be able to touch the door at the height he was sent launching up from. She'd have to wait a little bit to recast the spell but it mattered not. As long as everyone was safe.

Lestacia sighed. "That's Ayakashi handled. I'll send us up in a bit. I'll just need to wait." Adrastos probably saw this as an opportunity. He handed her the reigns as he prepared magic of his own. He had finally attacked to help them. Was he warming up to them. “Just remember what you said to me," "W-What?" She said a little concerned. “I’ll be collecting.” Lestacia wouldn't be lying if she wasn't a little hot and bothered by that comment. "I'll remember that! When we get out of this ALIVE!!!"

Spells and Magoi:

Magoi Left: 270/320

Tier: D-Tier (-scaled twice so to C-Tier Lasts for 3 posts)
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: self/long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The spell is a targeted ability. So it will Lock onto and affect the target hit. However, while the polarity is reversed the affected party cannot touch the ground until the duration. They will be repelled up to 4 meters into the air.
Scaling: duration: every 5 magoi expended adds 1 more post of duration
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi | 5 Magoi

The caster orders the rukh to charge their staff. The Caster then shoots a beam of lightning toward themselves or a person or creature, reversing their polarity for a short period of time allowing them to fly in the air. The beam of light will lock onto the target. While their polarity is reversed the affected party gains wings made of pure electricity and is not allowed by any means to touch the ground until the duration is up. The earth is literally rejecting you and your polarity. As the spell nears its end duration they dim and when the duration is up, they disappear completely. The duration of the spell is 1 post.


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Ice crashed against water as the magician would choose to make his attack against the icy spirit.  Adrasos magic would meet the ice wraith's abilities with full force and then some. The overwhelming power of the cold would still manage to ice over most of the cyclones as they destroyed her snowballs. Waves froze against the pillars, creating large white, frozen arcs. She would create this beautiful image as more cyclones would fly her way. Her Sweeping Mist would come down upon the waves, using the entire cloud.

The rolling waves of mist would clash, freezing as the cloud connected to them nearly instantly it had seemed.  They were safe for a second from the ice wraith, but they had nothing to push her back it had seemed. At a moment though they would here words being muttered. Above them, flying upon wings of lightning created by his ally Ayakashi had his bow aimed. Words slowly flowed forth from his mouth.

"O' Wings of ice, guide the waters of life and freeze what we fear."

It was a simple phrase, it seemed like a form of poetry. As he spoke he began to draw his bow, a magic symbol glowing on the handle of the bow. As he let the arrow go from his bow he would speak once again. Shouting it even. "Freezing of the flow!"

The arrow would fly forth, water particles in the air, from the ice, gathered around it. It started forming into a large icicle. Something seemed out as it would go through the dissipating clouds of mist and ice. The arrow even started to pull the ice wraith, taking the spirit back 10m, giving the group a lot more room. The room the breath would be nice now that they only had 200m left in the room. The danger was behind them, yet whatever poked and prodded at them was trying to pull something it out it felt.

A question is what was lingering around them all. It was now like a pulsating compulsion, lingering in their head. It was subtle but it would not pass. They would hear it like a soft voice, speaking softly, yet very sad. "Who have you failed, you've failed, we know you have, what have you failed, truly?"

As the words would linger ahead in their minds they would soon aware of the danger that was coming ahead. Only 20m ahead would stand a group of icy skeletons, they were armed even it seemed. Their eyes would radiate with the cold energy of the dungeon. These icy corpses would be prepared to strike, something about them was reaching, was screaming out to them.

A Dance of Ice would be created from the group of 10 undead that would now be more noticeable. How would they react with all of this pressure, an ally with more use than they thought and with ice now raining on their head as the wraith was soon going to attack when she gathered her senses.

DM notes: Ice wraith pushed to 15m behind, dance of ice coming down on you. 10 icy corpses are 20m ahead. 200m left in the room.

Ice Wraith:
Enemy Name: Ice Wraith
Enemy Tier: A-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: A x2
Description: A woman made of ice able to fly around through the air like tornado winds, lifting things as heavy as a an adult immuchak male when she gets within touching distance. Does A-tier damage when she touches someone in the form of freezing damage.

  • A Cold Winters night: Activates upon entering battle, a massive wall of frozen mist 100m wide, 100m long and 40m tall follows her and does A-tier damage to whatever it touches, turning it into ice. Abilities can be cast from the cloud, stays with her for up to 300m of movement.

  • Winter Kiss: Shoots a 4m in diameter ball of snow which travels 20m exploding into a 2m diameter freezing the targets entire body for three posts. Requires A-tier strength to break free.

  • Sweeping Mist The ice wraith creates an icy mist from her arms. SHe then claps them together, freezing whatever they touch, once clapped an ice cloud double the length of the source and 1m wide for every meter doing A-tier damage in the force of small blades of ice.

  • Icicle Shot:  The Ice Wraith shoots forth an icicle which does A-tier damage, traveling up to 40m away the icicle is 3m long and 1m in diameter at the base, being 1cm wide at the point.

  • Flash Freeze Freedom: The Ice wraith turns into a frozen fog, flowing into the body of someone with at least B-tier damage and up to 40m away possessing their body and doing A-tier damage to them in the process.

Icy Corpses x10:
Enemy Name:Icy Corpses x10
Enemy Tier: A-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: A-tier
Description: Icy soldiers wearing old armor, seemingly from a lost an ancient land these undead warriors carry a long sword 67cm long that does A-tier damage.

  • Dance of Ice: Requires 2 corpses or more, they point their swords into the ceiling of the midway using a wisp of ice 2m long which shoots from their bodies into their blades. The wisps cause the ceiling to drop icicles from it's entirety stretching 40m forward. Anything in the filed takes A-tier damage from raining icicles.

  • Icy Scream: The corpse screams creating an icy cone 3m long and 3m wide at it's longest doing freezing A-tier damage to all within it's reaches.

  • Call to arms: The Icy Corpse charges forward exploding out 2m into an ice cloud which does A-tier damage.

You have 48 hours to post. After 48 hou an s any failure to post will result in automatic proxy post.

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The Shadow King

The dark king clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth when the Ice Wraith countered against the remaining cyclones. Despite the lack of damage to the creature, he still managed to get rid of the snowballs of death. What next? Attacking the Wraith head on still wasn’t the most soundest of decisions; going backwards defeated the purpose of the dungeon and his goals. The Ice Corpses were in his way. Above him, the fanalis murmured a phrase which sounded familiar, like the call to a more powerful being, and unleashed a spell that pushed the Wraith back. He wasn’t a djinn user, but called upon the power of ice. Having heard stories of the various leaders of the world, Adrastos could have sworn that Yoshiro was much like Noir and that man from Dantalion, a dungeon capturer. Was this fanalis associated with Yoshiro to such a degree that he could tap into the same power as a king candidate?

Who is he?’

With the Wraith temporarily dealt with, Adrastos turned to watch the Ice Corpses. A voice poked and prodded at his brain. He winced. Failed?

I’ve failed? Who? What? I…

Was this dungeon toying with him?

Adrastos gripped the handle of his Blade of Ascension and Malevolent Shadow as he closed his eyes.


In his own mindscape, there were two versions of himself: one dressed in white wearing glasses and another dressed in black wear the obsidian crown over his slicked back hair. “Yes, we’ve failed… All those people we’ve murdered… We’ve betrayed…” The man dressed in white stared down at his hands in disgust and regret. “These hands were supposed to help people.. Save lives… Respect the dead with burials...” Clenching his fists, his head jerked up and he thrust his hand forward, pointing at his dark counterpart, “You’ve turned them into a bloody mess!” The dark one smirked as he crossed his arms in amusement, letting the man in white continue on with his tirade. “Our hands are stained with the blood of the innocent,” he wailed with his hands now pressing against his skull, “We have even desecrated the dead’s memory by turning them into decorations! Why did we even come to this hell?!”

The dark one snorted, “Don’t pretend you were the victim. You were merely created as a front to hide the truth.” He twirled a strand of hair around his fingers. “To be more accurate, you were merely allowed to continue your existence so that my goal could be realized,” he murmured. “We’ve failed nobody. I have failed nobody and nothing. I have no such connections with the world where my actions would result in failure.”

White Adrastos stepped forward. “What about them?! What about her?!”

Them? Her?

The Dark King felt puzzled. Was he referring to a distant memory long forgotten? Them…? Blood was everywhere… The knife, glistening in the same red hue, was held tightly in his hand. Or the people slaughtered in Balbadd, drowning in their own blood as a black mist swallowed them whole… The innocents in Reim just trying to scavenge and make a living… Her..? Tears and cries were all he remembered from that night so long ago. The girl he turned his back on for the sake of power.

How could he forget failing Gao too? Tasked with operating a magic tool, but ending up being unable to use the device. Did he prove himself with his battle against Lu Ban? Did he succeed? Or did he fail because he didn’t kill him? Did he fail because he couldn’t take the fort?

Both men turned their attention to Adrastos and instantly merged into one man clad in white and black. “You have failed all the people you were supposed to save, teach, and lead. Now you want to rule the world? Command an organization? Be a god?” The other dark king smirked as he moved closer to Adrastos. You will only fail them in the end, just like everyone else. Most of all…” With his index finger, he pointed accusingly at the dark magician king, “You’ll fail yourself and everything you stand for.”

Adrastos narrowed his eyes. “You’re both just figments of my imagination stabbing at the back of my mind,” he crossed his arms, “A combination of a past long dead and a future ideal fresh out of the womb. What you’re saying has no meaning or purpose other than to destroy us all at once.”

“Are you sure?”

The magician spun on his heels, face to face with the black clothed version of himself.

“We’re only here because you’re still in denial. He,” the man said, pointing at the white doctor now behind Adrastos, “is only here because you have yet to transcend above your weak human nature. He is the cause of your doubt and weakness.” Black Adrastos circled Adrastos like a vulture over a corpse. “Have you forgotten already? The pit where you promised you’d show your conviction? Where is it now?”

The white doctor sighed. “Give it up. You’ll never get rid of me just as you’ll never make up for the mistakes and failures and realize your goal.”

Adrastos closed his silver eyes momentarily, inhaling sharply as he processed what his counterparts said. “How dare you,” he growled. His eyes opened; their ice cold emptiness piercing through his yin and yang. “How dare you bare your fangs at me and question who I am…” The magician unsheathed his obsidian sword. “I don’t need to explain myself to you hallucinations. And even if you aren’t, I will deal with you when the time is right.” He slashed at both men, cutting them down. Their wounds began to seep with mist. “Until then, shut up and don’t interfere.”

Black rukh slowly began to flutter around Adrastos, visible to Lestacia, yet no time had passed since he had gripped his wand and sword so tightly. The black mass of depravity began to grow steadily while he stood on his mount, facing the direction of the enemies twenty meters ahead. “There is no point in dwelling on a past that can’t be fixed. If I did, I’d only fail myself and my desires,” he murmured to himself as he opened his eyes, staring down the opposition with rage and determination. “I won’t allow my failures to hold me back, and I certainly won’t be stopped by the likes of you.”

The corpses prepared for their attack. The silver eyes of the magician could see their magic. “Get ready. They’re about to attack,” he pointed his sword at the enemy. “Don’t stop moving forward; we can try to create an opening. Hopefully we can use the Wraith’s wall or her attacks to destroy these things for us, but we can’t risk anyone fighting her and getting stuck behind her. We just need to hinder their movement to prevent them from ambushing us as we pass through and keep her from closing in again.” He began to pour magoi into his Blade of Ascension as he watched a mist float up toward the ceiling. “Run straight, Sahara!”

Adrastos waved his wand as the ball of mist floated toward the ceiling, his mouth moving as he whispered his commands to the rukh. Using the same tactic as before, Adrastos turned the frozen water below to liquify. Creating eight high pressurized cyclones that encircled and traveled with them, he warped them to create a dome like effect to shield the group as soon as the shards of ice fell from above. They still had plenty of room on either side with the cyclones four meters away from them, and so long as the fanalis didn’t float too high, he’d be fine as well. The cyclones would protect them from the falling icicles, leaving the group safe until they attacked again or the Wraith gathered her wits.

The dark king was still feeding magoi into the Blade of Ascension. Black rukh continued to flutter furiously. “Now, let’s see what you can handle,” he growled, directing his anger at the corpses as he launched into the air, activating his sword’s function to fly at a fanalis’ speed. Instantly, the magician was two meters in front of the corpses and fed magoi into the Ring of Erosion. With a quick wave of his hand, two putrid waves of acid spilled forth three meters wide and onto a few of the skeletons.

Meanwhile, Sahara ran, as per her master’s order, though she didn’t need an order to know that the biggest danger was behind them. Hades emerged from his hiding spot, and looked around with his big grey eyes. Seeing Adrastos fighting by himself to create an opening made the little feline sigh. “This dungeon will take its toll on him more than Dantalion now that’s he’s a competitor,” Hades commented. “I can tell it’s already chipping at him, but hopefully it doesn’t break him.” The cat looked at Lestacia and the fanalis pleadingly. “Please… help him. I’m sure he’d do the same, even though he wouldn’t admit it.”

Not wanting to take any chances by being so close to the mob, Adrastos retreated about five meters using the Blade of Ascension. He still didn’t know the full extent of his enemies’ skills and didn’t want to separate himself too far from his temporary allies. Plus, his advance was merely a test to gauge the corpses reactions. The fanalis, though unknown, was still a useful tool. He pushed back the Wraith with ease and his race’s strength was unmatched by anything else. He could be used as the powerhouse in terms of holding the enemies attention. Lestacia, though weak in her offensive skill set, would be better put to use as a support, healing and shielding him and the fanalis. Staying together was the most wisest of decisions even though it annoyed Adrastos to work with an enemy and a weakling.

“I see you crawled out from your hiding spot, Hades. Will this be a recurring theme for you?” Hades glared. “Maybe it will be. It’s cold out here,” he replied with a snap as he returned to his hiding place, a little nook between the skull on Sahara’s face and her neck. “Useless cat,” he muttered.

“The best plan is to stick together. Don’t move too far forward and don’t fall too far behind. Do that and we’ll get through this alive.”

WORD COUNT: xxx/xxx
MAGOI: 345/480
STAMINA: 200/200


Adrastos sustains Aqua Cyclonus and scales to create 8 cyclones (A-Tier in total/20 magoi spent) to block the oncoming attack of the Ice Corpses (A-Tier). He uses Blade of Ascension to get two meters away from the corpses (10 magoi) and use his Ring of Erosion to throw two waves of acid (15 magoi). Blade of Ascension is used immediately after the casting of Ring of Erosion's function to retreat five meters from the corpses.

As of now, he is 8 meters away from the Ice Corpses using Blade of Ascension to remain in the air.

Spells Used:

Aqua Cyclonus
Tier: B
Specialization: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Character must speak to the rukh and water must be on the ground. User must remain still while controlling the cyclones.
Scaling: Hits - The number of hits or projectiles will double for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: 1
Cool Down: 3 Posts
Cost: 30/15 Magoi

    The user creates several swirling high-pressured cyclones exactly 1m in diameter and 5m tall. The cyclones can be controlled freely within a 10 radius of the caster. This spell consists of 4 cyclones, each dealing D-Tier damage if struck.

Acid Pulse - Feeding magoi into the ring causes a wave of acid to be released in a single short burst. The wave itself spreads out into a 3m cone. The acid will begin to corrode and dissolve whatever it lands on dealing B-tier damage. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Flight of the Valkyrie- When the user fills the object with magoi the weapon manipulates their gravity. This allows for the target to control their movement freely, flying through the air at incredible speeds equivalent to that of an A-tier fanalis. When this is activated it causes the wings on the sword to glow, some even see a pair of glowing wings can be faintly seen around the user when they fly with the sword. 10 magoi to cast | 5 magoi to sustain.


Trait Points: 4/11 | SoS: 1
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More water and ice clashed as the magician would manage to keep his team safe from the raining ice and the icy corpses. The water would freeze over as it crashed into the corpses freezing them in place getting rid of the challenge before them. The magician had managed to show his worth in battle, yet he wasn't the only one. For the archer had pulled out his ace.

The Ice Wraith was now safely away from the team for the time being thanks to Ayakashi. With his bow of ice, he was able to manipulate and push away the frozen she-demon that was coming to kill them. They would still be able to feel her powerful sadness far from behind them as well. It was lingering, lingering inside them as well.

Something had sensed this source of sadness, of aching amongst the group. He would see how one of their allies was unmoving, he could see the magician with a great power, and they noble fanalis who was among the group. He only wanted to help, to help bring out their potential. So it was time for a gamble.

The sound of his approaching game could be heard with the scrapping of his iron shovel against the ice. It shredded their ears but they would see the blonde young man step out before them. He would speak, being blunt and quick about his proposition to the group of dungeon divers.

"You all seem weary, and the wraith is gonna be coming back in a hot second, or should I say a cold one. Anyways, I can get you all to the end safely and restore all your health and energy. Otherwise, this room is gonna get ya."

He would stop speaking for a second, he dug his shovel into the earth, three caskets forming from the icy ground that they all stood on. With a twirl of his shovel, they all began to lift into the air, moving at his will.

"All you have to do is get in these caskets and let me carry you in them all the way to the end. You're not gonna be able to push that thing back another time so it's not like you have anything to lose here, so what do y'all say?"

They would feel the honesty in his voice, in his presence it was strange. They could somehow tell he wasn't trying to hurt them, he was just being strange. Ayakashi had no idea how to act. He wanted to trust it and take it.

The red-haired man uttered his response, cold and quick, like he was unsure. "Alright I'll get inside your casket."

Now it was up to the others, that was if they wanted to and if one of them even could move to do so.

DM notes: Wraith will be back in one post, undertaker will save you from if you accept but his game will began. You are safe and cannot be damaged during the game.

Enemy Name:Undertaker
Enemy Tier: ?
Damage Required to Defeat: ?
Description: A barely middle-aged man with long hair. Dressing in dirty garb he carries a shovel. He is an oddity, but it seems he can be trusted.

  • Ways to your woes: The Undertaker creates a coffin for each player removing all foreign entities from the body but not damage.

  • Casket Carrying: The Undertaker can control and move the coffins at high speeds, making them a blur.

  • Rest and Restore: Restores all magoi and stamina for target players, also heals all wounds.

Players have 48 hours to respond to proxy, after 48 hours if they have not posted there will be a proxy autopost continuing the thread for those who have posted.

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The Shadow King

Adrastos dropped to the ground and studied the man. He didn’t doubt what he said, but something felt strange. His mind kept circling back to the question he had heard before: Who have you failed? What have you failed, truly? There was so much on that list that he wasn’t sure where it began anymore. He couldn’t stop thinking about it and knew there was no point in dwelling on those thoughts. Still, he was bothered. Why would a dungeon prod into him for his failures? What else would it dig for? His dark past? Adrastos wasn’t ready for that, not yet, and he certainly didn’t want himself exposed in this dungeon. That would just ruin his plans. What was this djinn after?

Adrastos couldn’t figure it out. There wasn’t much to go on from the information in the first room. This room was a race against time and death. The only thing mentioned was failure. Adrastos had so many failures, ones that he never considered until now. Memories from long ago, from that day were brought to the surface but were murky at best. A blur because of his old identity, the very person he was trying to kill inside of himself? Or because he had yet to fully accept what happened? What he had done? There was something about that night that poked at him, a sense of relief as if he hadn’t failed at least once. Everything after that was a lost cause. Any acts of kindness he displayed were merely done with a mask. Losing everything from his family and the love of his life, the dark king didn’t think it was possible to fail anyone or anything.Being reminded of all of that just made him think he was failing himself. Adrastos rubbed his temples. If he wasn’t careful, he’d crack under pressure. He had to move forward, no matter the cost, no matter the path. He couldn’t look back or else he’d risk faltering. He chuckled to himself. Maybe he had already cracked and this dungeon was just going to shatter him? The thought now began to amuse Adrastos. His feline familiar peeked at his master with concern but didn’t voice it. If the dungeon was going to test him and try to break him, well then… let’s just see what it had in store?

The magician wasn’t sure why this man was so helpful, but sensing no ill intent, there wasn’t much to be done other than accept the offer. Looking behind him at the wraith, Adrastos didn’t want to fight the creature and it was made clear doing so wouldn’t end well.

“Very well,” the dark king said as he sheathed his weapons. His voice firm and resolute, a sign of his determination and resolve to move forward. “Like you said, there’s nothing for me to lose.” As he stepped toward the coffin, he glanced back at Lestacia. “I really do hope we see each other outside of this dungeon.” He toyed with his glasses, a mere prop, as he took them off and placed them carefully in his pocket. “After all, you owe me a debt.”

The dark king turned and stepped into the coffin. How fitting it was for him… He played the part of the Undertaker outside of this dungeon, but never did he imagine he’d be in a casket himself. He’d always place others inside instead. Was this poetic irony? Adrastos chuckled.

Let's see what the djinn has in store for me...

WORD COUNT: xxx/xxx
MAGOI: 390/480
STAMINA: 200/200


Flight of the Valkyrie canceled at the beginning of post.

Cool Downs:
Aqua Cyclonus - 1/3


Trait Points: 4/11 | SoS: 1
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Lestacia Hesitated at first she was so very cold. So frigid. Her chapped lips  felt dryer than the desert in heliohapt. She had begun to lose all hope of escaping until. A man appeared.

"You all seem weary, and the wraith is gonna be coming back in a hot second, or should I say a cold one. Anyways, I can get you all to the end safely and restore all your health and energy. Otherwise, this room is gonna get ya."

"All you have to do is get in these caskets and let me carry you in them all the way to the end. You're not gonna be able to push that thing back another time so it's not like you have anything to lose here, so what do y'all say?"

Before she could even have a chance to think, Ayakashi and Adra had already accepted. She sighed a little. Her ultimatum was to freeze and die or play this guys game... She didn't really want to be alone so instead she simply accepted the undertakers offer and got inside the casket.


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Upon entering the coffins they would fall asleep instantly, slumber consuming them. There would be no resistance, it was a peaceful sleep. As darkness would cover all three of their visions they would feel their bodies enter a state of a dream. As their coffins began to move forth along with the undertaker in the midway so did their dreams. Entering each one of them and their woes.

His body felt oddly relaxed as it pushed back against his chair. His silver hair wrapped around the chair, coiling into a pile on the ground. It was another hard day at work for the physician.  He'd seen a few customers today. He had an appointment with a local elder, Fei Hong. The elderly woman would be there at any moment. It was an interesting life for the magician. He could live, working for the people, then behind their backs bring such intense suffering upon their lives. It really was something he had control over, he could dedicate his life to helping them, to live among them and never have another doubt.  The Dark King could also very well get away with mass murder. The thoughts were intrusive, but not as intrusive, yet slight welcomed knock on the door.

"Hello Doctor, I hope I'm not late." The old woman lurched into the room, her body like an old leather bag. It sounded as screams trapped for 1000 years escaped from her joints as she walked. Her hair was in good shape. It had lost all of it's color, contrasting her tanned skin, which managed to fit her warm smile despite missing a couple of teeth. "I'm glad that you've agreed to see me today. I'm in so much pain, my 98th birthday is coming soon you know. I feel like I could still like 20 more but I'd like some relief for my pain, or maybe find out a cause for it.

Despite her appearance, she was clearly spry in how she spoke, her words rattling off with a shaky tone, it was a rapid fire of words. The magician would find his chance to reply to the old woman, however, there would be something pulling towards him. He had so much to take up, to use, he had a whole country under his control. He had the whole power to be the type of man he desired, above or under whatever morals he dictated.

"Yet you've got nothing to lose?" He would hear in the doorway, the elderly Fei Hong seemed to ignore it. The feminine figure would walk up to the magician, reminding him of his past. He had known her well, now it was up to him to find a response."Do you really feel like you've nothing left to lose, to offer to love, you have so much yet act like you have nothing, why must you make your own world so glum Adrastos?"

She would pester him, his patient would continue looking for advice about her woes, hoping for a wise response from the man. He now had another thing he could do with or without, all of himself. For before any answer was to be made, it was a test, or a question of who he was, stripped of all form of ego, power, and crushing depravity. He was just himself, free of crushing woes but faced with all himself, all of his actions, and all of his possibilities.

It was an odd feeling to have people chant your name every single day. Lestacia would be used to this by now. After all she had become the world's most amazing healer, she'd sacrificed everything she'd had at worst and rose above as a magician. She knew it was a dream world, but it was one she could acheive, or atleast one she thought would be possible.

The young magician had the magic for it, she was perfect for it. The young magician was amazing at support, at lifting and helping those in need. She stood before them, cheering for giving so much to help them, to save them all time and time again. It was great to be in a fantasy. They were all grateful for things she did for them. They appreciated and cheered for her. It was great to be in a dream.

As she stood before the crowd she would see as the turned into corpses before her very eyes. Many screaming, letting out pleas for the girl to save them, to heal them. It was too late though, they had been returned to the rukh. The world around was turning into a barren wasteland, the sky appeared to be on fire as tendrils reached down from the sky, devouring the very earth behind her. Not everything was dead, but it soon would be.

It was powerful, it was scary, there was time for the others to escape. It needed to be halted, this overwhelming power. She had been forced and been shown this overwhelming power in the dungeon, and in the world. However this was world ending, it sucked the very life from the world, from everything. Something needed to stop it, to at least stall it. She knew it was her task, that she needed to, it was a dream, yet there was everything to lose. She could feel it, feel it coming to consume her soul.

Ayakashi knew this wasn't going to be a fun a challenge the moment his eyes opened in his dreams. There she was, sitting across from him, her arms around her stomach. It was slightly swollen, carrying another mans child. He didn't know, atleast he didn't back then. It was a shame that all he saw before him was ghosts. Maybe it was some form of torture, or maybe this game was some weird test of stomach yet the archer was not very fond of it.

He would feel his stomach turn over as her sweet smile stared at him warmly. She was so pretty when she wasn't angry when she wasn't complaining about his passive nature. His thoughts of her, his memories of her would break. The silence of the dream would break with her voice. Bringing with it the sounds of nature, of the birds chirpings and the winds howling. Of kids outside in Kina playing in the streets, the dogs barked, and people sold their wares. It was all brought to life with her voice.

"My sweet little Inu, come here, I missed you. I know your work brings you far away. Come feel my stomach, the baby is starting to kick."

It was so nice, it was bliss when he was ignorant. However, the man had no idea how to face this now. He loved her so much, she was his poison. She only hurt him yet it made the love feel so much better. He didn't want to die from her, but everyone has to die. She did, so did the child another man put in his fiance.

Her face faded into the pale undead image, a blade sunk in her chest. He failed to save her. It stung so sweetly as she chose to speak again. Despite the image of this corpse, she spoke with the sweetest voice. "Would you lose it all to be close for me, or do you have something else to give yourself to?"

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Lestacia blinked miltiple times. people were chanting her name. She stood proudly upon the castle wall of a nearby ruin that had turned into a city. A sign could be seen to the distance. Mysidia. Thats what this new city was called. Men, Women, and children gathered around the magician cheering her name. She blushed. She did this not for the attention but out of the kindness of her heart. Yet the people found it necessary to cheer anyways. Her mother and father were in the crowd next to her grandfather. They gave approving nods. She smiled sweetly. What fantasy was this where her family is happy. A tear fell from her eye as a smile crept upon her face. From the distance, Tsunko, the man Lestacia confessed her love to approached from the distance on horseback shouting her name. He approached her.

"T-Tsunko, after that battle... i looked everywhere for you... Aseo told me you..."

"Since when have you ever listened?"

She smiled tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. They shared a kiss. This was all she could have ever wanted. As she pulled back to gaze into Tsunko's eyes she was horrified to see a corpse where he once stood. She screamed and pushed him away. A cacophony of screams now surrounded the magician. They begged and pleaded with the girl to save them but it was too late for them. However it wasnt too late for those behind her. She'd look back and then forward and give melancholic smile.

"I guess all good things must come to an end I suppose." She stabbed her staff into the ground a sound which reverbrated throught mysidia. "REMEMBER WHY WE FIGHT. REMEMBER WHY I FIGHT! I FIGHT FOR THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE US, AND THOSE WHO COME NEXT. WHERE WE FIGHT FREEDOM AND LIFE IS SURE TO GROW. I KNOW NOT WHERE THIS EVIL ORIGINATES BUT I'LL LET IT KNOW GERE AND NOW. THE LAND WILL NOT HAVE IT!" Lestacia's words would reverbrate and strike a chord with those that fled. Surely this was her last stand a final speech for the ages.

With every fiber of her being the next words shouted would be the most intense ever spoken. "WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THIS LAND AND I WILL NOT LET YOU BE SLAVES TO DEATH!!!" White magoi channeled around the girl. She'd use up every ounce of her magoi just to save the people here even if this was a simple dream. The white Magoi shined a bright rose pink for the girls never ending burning love for the people. Magicians around if they were to look Lestacias way wouldn't be able to see her at all. Too much of the magoi she was channeling surrounded her. She'd attempt to use the Magoi to halt the force in it's tracks. Getting on her knees she'd pray for a miracle as she'd command the Magoi to form a wall to protect those running away behind her.



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The Shadow King

Entering the coffin, Adrastos felt sleep overwhelm and numb his body. There was no time to react, no time fight the sleep. The next time his eyes opened, he was sitting in a chair, not lying in a coffin. The day was peaceful; he was relaxed. Looking around, the dark king felt disoriented. Wasn’t he in a dungeon? Or… was that all a dream? That whole life? How could he have dreamed up that life in a matter of minutes? He still owned a country like in the other life, the other dream, but there was no danger, no threat to his life. The dungeon felt like some nightmare. The magician’s life was pretty simple; during the day he lived out the profession of a doctor. He could save people or kill them as he saw fit- The thought was interrupted midway, a slight frown appearing on his face. Where did that thought come from? Perhaps his day of work was a bit more taxing on the magician than he originally thought. The man rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he put his glasses back on his face. He still had one more appointment, an elderly Hei Fong complaining of bodily pains. She was supposed to be his last patient, but he didn’t know how to help her. Yet.

Adrastos rose from his chair to check on his inventory. Soon, he’d need more bandages and ointment. His silver eyes looked his reflection in an empty glass container. He saw himself, but his own reflection was a stranger. Why? He felt like himself, despite something being off. He was still Adrastos Thanatos...

“But that’s not your real name,” his reflection sneered.

The magician flinched back. He was about to counter with his own retort, but a soft knock echoed on the door. Adrastos turned to see the welcoming sight his his patient, Hei Fong. Glancing back at his reflection in the flask to make sure it didn’t talk back, he offered a smile at the old woman while straightening his white coat. “Not at all, Mrs. Fei. You’re right on time.”

Adrastos, kneeling against one of his tables, listened to the old woman. She was in pain, but failed to mention how or where her pain originated. Her joints were audible, but perhaps that was just due to her age. After all, she was almost ninety-eight years old. “Please, have a seat,” he said. He would help guide the old woman to one his his examination table to sit and rest while he examined her.

During the examination, a voice interrupted the process midway. He only partly listened as he tried to focus on Mrs. Fei and responded, “I’m sorry, miss, but this is my last patient. If you need an appointment, you will need to be scheduled for tomorrow.” Adrastos turned to face the woman, only to need to use the table to steady himself as his knees tried to buckle.

The young woman reminded him so much of Kazuya Akina, his first love. How long had it been since they trained under Master Chou? They had been separated sometime during their training. Chou had seen a darkness in Adrastos that could be fueled. Kazuya’s kindness was deemed too dangerous to be near Adrastos and needed to be quelled if she were to be a useful pawn. He stared at her face, his mouth agape, unable to spout the words. However, the longer he looked at her, the more her face changed. Now, she resembled Noir Ecryola, his most recent love even if it was one-sided. He had choked her the last time they met to keep her away, to keep her safe from himself. Closing his eyes, Adrastos tried to concentrate.

Adrastos smiled at Mrs. Fei who apparently had ignored the new visitor. “I believe I’ve found the case of your pain,” he said, running his hands along her back. “The muscles in your back are tense, and your spine feels slightly out of line. There’s just too much stress on your lower back, but it’s nothing that a little straightening can’t fix.” He chuckled lightly. “I hope you haven’t been over-exerting yourself.” Adrastos walked over to one of the shelves and grabbed some cloth and a short, thin piece of wood. He’d place the wood along her spin, under her garments, making sure it was straight before wrapping around her torso with the cloth. “Please, bear with this. It will be uncomfortable at first, but hopefully it will help straighten your back and spine.” He offered her a flask of leaves. “Also have this. These leaves can be used to make tea which will help dull the pain,” he placed the flask in the elderly woman’s hands. “Don’t remove the cloth for at least three to four days. A week if necessary. Then come back and we’ll see what we can do from there.”

That was all the help he could offer the elderly woman unless there were other ailments that needed tending.Helping her proved more beneficial than killing her and ending her suffering, especially in broad daylight. Mrs. Fei was also a kindred spirit whom everyone adored. She had done nothing to get in his way and was the bright light for the community. Once Mrs. Fei left, Adrastos turned toward the woman that now resembled both Noir and Kazuya.

She questioned him, using the same words he did when he merely agreed with the Undertaker. So was that other world real? This was the dream… It felt so real… He couldn’t quite tell. Regardless, Adrastos was still himself or at least so he thought. The dark king removed his glasses and narrowed his eyes at the woman. Behind her, he saw another version of himself staring intently. “I’ve already lost so much,” he admitted with clenched fists. “Everything I’ve gained in my life I can still lose to someone more powerful, more resourceful. In a moment’s notice,” he snapped his fingers, “I can just as easily lose my life, my sanity, my possessions…”

Adrastos was now realizing that what he said before was wrong. He still had so much to lose. Why did he say that? Why did he admit he had nothing to lose?

“Because you don’t,” responded the voice inside his head. “Maybe he has something to lose, but you,” the other him pointed, now speaking to him rather than inside him, “Adrastos Thanatos, have nothing to lose. All of your allies are merely pawns to be used and tossed away once they’ve done their part.” Adrastos watched as the other him passed by the woman to get closer. This was the first time he had ever seen himself manifest in the real world. Most of the time, he saw the other versions of himself in his own dark mindscape. Could it have been he now saw the hallucinations like real people? Adrastos closed his eyes tightly. Opening them, he flinched back for his other self was right in front of his face. “Yes, I’m still here… I won’t be silenced so easily like last time.”

Thanatos slicked his hair back. “Now where was I?” He smirked, “Oh, yes… Your achievements so far pale in comparison in our grand scheme. This country… these dungeons… Conquering them means nothing if we don’t solve the problem at hand,” he placed his hand on Adrastos’ shoulder. “We just need ourselves to move forward and challenge fate. All we have to lose is ourselves. We can replace everything else…”

“Why do I make my world so glum…” Adrastos silently repeated.

In a hushed whisper, his other self responded, “Because it is the world that is glum, not you. Think about it… the concept of fate that everything happens for a reason and you just accept it;  the concept of depravity where you remain in the past and try to change your fate, the path you’re destined to travel… Both are such bleak outlooks.”

The two Adrastos’ seemed to merge together, the one with darker thoughts disappearing into his body. Adrastos’ eyes closed before suddenly opening, a dark glint flashing behind them. A mocking disdain dripped from his gaze towards the new woman. The intruder. “Foolish. Absolutely foolish. Does a successful merchant see a simple drinking glass as something to lose? Does an archer feel the pang of loss when they let loose an arrow? Does a human feel the pang of compassion when they step on an ant? Of course not!”

Adrastos folded his arms, looking down on the woman who appeared so much like Noir and Kazuya. “I felt it strange…” A sea of madness and sorrow arose from the depths of his heart, memories slowly spinning within his mind. “That you would look so much like them…” His voice choked ever so slightly. A drop of water slipped down his cheek. He hated the pain cause by the connections of others, the disappointment those relationships burdened him with, and the uncertainty they brought to conflict with his resolve. “But it’s impossible. I have long since abandoned that road, a cracked and uneven path. That dead-end life…  Now. Who are you really?” An anger boiled up within his gut, a fire raging against the audacity of this woman who appeared before him. Who was she to masquerade as those from his memories?! Why did she test his resolve?! Why did she try to push him off his path?!

The more he looked at her face, the more his mind could picture the life he could have had, the life he very well could still have. Regardless of the woman being Noir or Kazuya, he could see himself living a rather peaceful life, living his days as a doctor with a loving woman beside him. Maybe a couple of kids: a young girl with silver hair and maybe a boy with their dark hair. He’d teach them magic, be a good father. There was some content in that life, but it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel right for a man named Adrastos Thanatos; it wasn’t his life. There would be no point in him controlling a country.

Adrastos shook his head, refusing to get sucked into such fantasies. “I was a lost cause when I met them, so I turned them away. Like I’ve said, I’ve left that dead-end life behind. There is nothing to gain for me in that life or wishing for what could have been. That will never change.”

The dark king leaned against the table as he looked at the woman. He allowed his anger and emotions to dwindle as he tilted his head. “I will ask once more: who are you?”

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As the young magician began to cast spell after spell she would attempt to put up a defense. Each spell, each attempt to hold back the coming darkness turned out to be futile. It sucked the life from the very land as it began to roll forward. The black mass rolled forth, a wave of grasp hands and misery reaching to steal all the flowed here. They stood their ground against, people fleeing as their hope supported her. Its power was going to consume her, it was going to kill them all. Lestacia was nothing more than a blockade. She felt so powerful, it was a dream, she had all the power. However, it would feel as if all her horrors were looking back at her.

The writhing black hands would move forward, tearing up the land and eating up everything in its path. As the magic began to break down and feed the beast as it moved forth. It would enlarge as it approached closer to the female magician. It stopped as if it slammed into something, but the hands moved up, winding to form a shape. The grabbing appendages would grab a hold on another to form a structure, to form a head. The shape would soon grow features, it formed a subtle but strong face. It's dark and squirming form radiated out a fearsome power.

The power would roll out into a breath, forming into words, the sentences almost feeling as if they were drawing the very life force. It was looking for power, for food, it could sense the powerful magic within Lestacia. She held a magic of the Alma Torran, it would be a fine feast. As the others ran his eyes would focus solely on her. His words finally began to resonate with the young girl.

"I shall feed off of you, so much power in you alone, your magic is weak to hold me off though. Any last words or would you like to run with the rest? His voice echoed out through her. She would barely be able to make it out. The voice of the dark matter was hard to comprehend, sound like a low grumble. Like a voice bringing the body to rest while filling it with the utmost fear at the same time.

The fear would coil around her, both in and out. Hands began to swirl around, like the emotions, the fear that would begin to build in every single cell. It was swelling, permeating from her every pore and it made the mass more hungry.

Her magic, her power she knew she could acquire, this was it. The intensity was pressuring, yes nothing would be able to hurt it. All she had was herself, but how would she be enough when none of her magic could bind or banish it?

"Thank you for the help, it aches but I can feel it already starting to work! I'll bring by some dumplings once I'm feeling better, enjoy yourself, dear." Her voice would caress the doctor warmly, a kindness that even he could enjoy. It would only be fleeting, however, as his woes with himself and this woman would keep him focused. The shifting figure took on the form of woman the doctor had feelings for. They always thought it was vindictive, she meant no harm. But she did mean to question her.

Before asking any questions however, the shifting creature would have to respond to the magician. Her voice was so kind, not seductive but warm. Often the worst poisons come from the familiar and friendly. It was easy to see why Adrastos saw her as a threat. "I'm no foe, I'm just simply what you wanted, or maybe even still want? She would stop for a moment. Walking up the magician, getting close as to stare into his face.

The sweet voice was filled with power, however, there would be no falsities.  It was an odd sensation but that's what this challenge seemed to do. to bring out feelings, to bring out oneself and how they act on it.

"Now tell me, you act this way and lie to yourself so much. You wish for power put what are you really willing to give up, I mean are you really sacrificing anything if you shrug it off or deem it as unnecessary."

The apparition was done however, it was riled up, it's eyes and voice filled with a passion as it prodded at Adrastos.

"Now, you act so high and mighty with the conviction of your own path. You're willing to toss away yourself for the sake of no true goal but power." It was building up, it was truly going in towards his emotions. It seemed like she was trying to bring out every single self-resentment. It turned quickly, however, as she grabbed him. Staring into his eyes Adrastos would see all he ever wanted. It wasn't a temptation or an offer, it was showing what he wished for but failed to gain. It poured into as her words were now a command within his head.


The image of the dead would shock the archer. His red hair contrasted his now pale white skin, it was terrifying but all he was doing was reliving the past. Maria was so beautiful, just like the day he last saw her. It ached him to see her so. It ached him to be reminded of the kid he would never get to raise, the one that wasn't even his.

It whispered to him, speaking into the ears of the male fanalis. He would drop his weapons, disappearing into the air. He felt so helpless, he was being forced to face this challenge. The world would go dark around him, it wanted him to sacrifice to give.

Hadn't he already given way too much though? He gave his life for his people, for a country that he had no real loyalty to, his wife and his family. He had no future, he wanted to give something, he had to be able to give something.

It felt wrong for the selfish desire though, to bring her back, no she died for a reason. It haunted him, she would have wanted him to make some sort of a difference. Both emotions kept hammering away in his head. The thoughts colliding as he thought of what he would wish for as the horrific image of his mutilated bride floated before him. Nothing but darkness, his fear, his love, and the all familiar cold.

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The Shadow King

The dark king stared down at the woman. His hand reached up to caress her face. “Maybe I do… But there’s too much work to be done.” Adrastos closed his eyes. There was so much people didn’t understand, so much he had yet to figure out. Where would he begin? Opening his eyes, he looked into her ever changing irises. “No true goal but power? Power is just a step to the goal. The path I take, the view of Fate I have are mere steps toward my goal, a goal that can’t be achieved by those non-depraved.” Adrastos clenched his fist, dropping his hand to his side as he placed his forehead against hers. “Would you even understand?” he whispered.

Adrastos stepped away from the woman. His heart ached. The pain of the past and future were crushing. Emotions from long ago resurfaced and angered the magician. How could he think properly with the noise? How could he form a solid conclusion? Fate and depravity were twisted laws placed on the world, laws that should be abolished. There was nothing fair about either. Nothing… Nothing felt right.

Staring at his hands, he noticed how they shook. Why though? Was it longing? Was it fear? Rage? “The world is twisted. The system is unfair. Fate and depravity… I’m slowly learning, but there’s so much left to learn.” Adrastos slumped into his chair. How could he explain? Others would think he lost his mind. Maybe she would too, this figment created by the Undertaker. With a wave of his hand, he sighed. There was a moment of silence as he attempted to piece himself together, one shard at a time.

The dark king sat up and narrowed his eyes. “You want to know my goal and what I’d sacrifice for that? Fate, the path you follow and accept all that’s happened, and depravity, the path you follow while clinging to the past, must go. There’s always this constant struggle, one wanting to beat the other, swaying more people to either side,” he said. Pointing to himself, “People like me,” he smirked slightly, “reject fate. We refuse to accept that the tragedies in our lives were meant to happen. Because of that,” he tapped the place where his crown would be, “we must obtain a djinn’s power another way because dungeons are mainly for those walking the path of fate. I’ve heard the stories. I feel the struggle, the conflict.” Adrastos folded his hands together as he rested a foot on his knee. “People following fate see us as a disease… like something needing to be cured, but what’s the cure? Following fate?” The magician shook his head. “That’s not my solution.”

Adrastos stood. “My solution is to alter the rukh. Maybe even put fate and depravity together, a single collection force. Maybe destroy rukh as a whole. Of course,”  he stepped closer, “if that doesn’t work, if I can’t make the rukh equal, then the world is lost and must be destroyed. I will not allow this conflict to destroy anymore lives, to rule over lives, and for that…” The dark king looked at his hand briefly, clenching it into a fist. Looking at the woman, he steeled himself for the words to come. “For that, I’d give up my entire existence. My rukh, my soul, my life. Past, present, and future.” His arms fell to his side. “Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Every word he said was true, and it was the first time he’d told the truth to anyone. Of course, he had little choice, but why hide it? The djinn would find out one way or another, and he wasn’t going to break himself by struggling too much. There was nobody else here either, only himself and this dream self. What reason was there to hide?

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In the dark king's talk, he had shown his inner self. It was less about his sadness, his anger, or his direction towards faith and fate. Beneath all the poking and prodding, of drawing out deep emotions his convictions stood. It was talk, possibly hallow talk, but in his eyes, the way the magician carried himself it was clear to the spirit was happy. A smile had crept upon her face, as she moved around and the voice changed it simply spoke to the magic wielder, the conductor of the rukh.

"You claim this, I see it within your heart and from experiences. However when the true test comes, when your will, your conviction will be exposed to so much more. Aim to be higher, higher than all before, within your darkness a necessary fear is born. However be a guide, if claim to be what you are, you will show a shadow brighter than any of those in the light."

The discussion would be up to the mage to interpret, however, the potential had been shown, however, a test like this would never show the action of an individual capable of keeping up an act. A true test of devotion would be needed, however now was not its time, it was not his time.

The words were lofty, filled with an odd heavy tone, Such grandiose statements could just drift right by the mage. But he was looking at himself, upon all who he was. He words spoke loudly but only actions would tell as the dream began to fade. It would feel like a dream was lifting free of the magician. There would still be dreams the fell upon the others.

DM notes: 48 hours for Lest to post, if there is a failure to post Neo and Ayakashi will continue.

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"I shall feed off of you, so much power in you alone, your magic is weak to hold me off though. Any last words or would you like to run with the rest?" His voice echoed out through her. She was barely be able to make it out. The voice of the dark matter was hard to comprehend, sound like a low grumble. Like a voice bringing the body to rest while filling it with the utmost fear at the same time.

She gulped and stopped channeling her Rukh it was useless. Every amount of magoi she summoned was immediately eaten and the monster instead became stronger. She could not think of anything else. Lestacia put her staff down and approached the creature. Her eye's Challenged him.

"Even if I were to run away, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to escape." She'd say crossing her arms. "You want my magoi. So All I simply have to do is not give it to you!" She'd sigh. "Sadly I have no earthly idea as to how to defeat you! So I'll just stop feeding you and making matters worse." If you kill me here you'll forever regret it You'll never be as strong as you could be once you've eaten my strongest spell. However I could possibly think it over if you stop terrorizing the masses. That is... if you don't want an almighty Power beyond compare." She'd say turning her back on the creature. "Ah well!"


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"How about I just eat you instead and gain you magic power hiding in you?" The voice would chide. It didn't care if it was weaker, it was going to get her power one way or another. She would be able to feel it's dead touch as it desecrated the land before it. It was so frightening on how this monster sucked the power from the very earth itself. It would roll in to try to absorb the female magician, however, she was able to get in its way. To slow it down, however, things would begin to fade to dark for her. She was willing to give herself, her resolve seemed light despite her words and actions it would be tested.

Darkness would cover her vision quickly as the Rukh drained way. She could tell she hadn't awakened yet but the dream was over. It was dark now, she'd be unable to see herself but the magician Lestacia was there. Her partner was there as well, so was the man that had joined them in the dungeon. It was odd how they could sense another's presence, thankfully things would be coming into sight.

The first images would pop up as they began to see images from each other's lives. It was unclear at first, however, the magician would be the first to notice images from his past. More than just viewing the moment, however, it felt like they were all in the memory. Neo would see his own self-sitting there on a chair helping a patient. They were seeing the moments in which the magician had helped heal people under cover. When he had made a difference for the betterment of society, fake or not it was still good.

It wouldn't be the only memories shown from Adrastos past. They also saw the moment in which he had first received his DMV. Unaware of it they would see how he had trained and learned the harness the power of the dark object. They wouldn't be able to grasp it but they would be able to see it at least, even if it was only a dream or a reenactment of life at this point. It moved, shifting between all sorts of memories for the man. Swapping between more recent ones like the battle against Lu Ban, or way back on the boat to the shrouded isle.

Slowly the memories began to shift, they would see memories of a young red-haired boy. He seemed to be of a fanalis father and a kou/kina mother. They would see day after day how the young Ayakashi trained with his bow day after day in order to become a better archer. It would work for him as well, it would allow for him to rise in the ranks of the military quickly. It was a nice set of memories, watching him not only achieve his dreams but become friends with Yoshiro.

Happiness wasn't the only thing they would see from the man. Images of his fiance, his deceased fiance, and their kid appeared. It broke him down how they had both been killed by assassins looking for him. He was so excited for a dad, the pain resonated through them all. More things would become apparent as they felt his pain of knowing he wasn't the kid's biological dad. He didn't even care, the raging redhead wanted to nurture a family. Only more death and loss of life would come from this warrior, however.

The next memories would show how he singly handedly hunted the killers of his mother. Their deaths weren't easy. It was almost enough to make someone throw up, even if the were in a dream. It was concerning how much more vicious he appeared back then as well. Now the memories were just a nuisance, they didn't help him feel any better even if he was willing to give his all to cause.

Visions of the young Lestacia playing at her grandparents now washed over their eyes. Rather pleasant and simple memories. Things seemed rather normal, the memories feeling welcoming even, Lestacia, however, was aware of what was to come next. The visions would progress, to when she was in school The bullying, for a small moment the young girl would be reminded of her bullying. All of those unfun days or bad moments coming back all at once. It would happen so fast, seeing flashes of her life and what she was able to show them. All of the emotions pouring between the group, however none were prepared as the saw a new scene, one which one of them knew.

He rushed away from his house, his long blonde hair pushed back in the wind. He wasn't far enough away to where he couldn't hear the cries and screams from his family. His wife, she stood there crying, holding back their angry son. He screamed curses out towards his father, the words getting progressively more vulgar than the last.

It hurt his heart, it filled with a slight anger as he ran clutching the shovel in his hand. He ran towards the sky, more specifically what was descending from the sky. A mass of hands descends from the sky. It was eating the land, it was eating his people. Immense power pulsed true fear, something more powerful than the memory. He was powerless, he saw massive men and beasts battling. Fending off things from this consuming darkness.

He was a weak magician, he had to serve the man he chose to follow, however. He had to fight. He had to give himself, it was scary. It was so daunting as he approached the mass, seeing Gamigan, his lord struggle to fight off the dark creatures. As Djinn raged against these beasts, he only wanted to help his lord, his cause, his family. He shook as he used magic to shape the earth beneath him. He felt powerlessness in the dark, as the hands reached down to grab him. He charged, willing to dig away and throw away for his family to survive.

"Sacrifice is ultimately like all things in life, only powerful when we give it meaning. We give it so much meaning as well. So many of us are willing to give up nothing so we can live our lives. But that's no protection, thats complaceny, thats not care. Things are cruel, you will fail, lose and be tricked. Many will disregard your efforts. However like all things they carry the meaning we give them. If you're willing to give for a cause, it is yours to give and fight for. Not others to dissuade, right or wrong it's your conviction and no one will ever be able to steal that from you."

The Trio would find themselves in front of the fate just as the strange man had promised. Just as well they would feel like they were swelling with energy as they had been replenished of all the magoi they spent. It even felt like they had healthier bodies, there were no real injuries on them yet there would still be a fresh feeling. After a moment of revelry or nothing their new state, they would able to touch the massive gate. The ice-covered blue doors almost glaring down on them. There were no enemies, it was just up to them to touch the gate, or do whatever they had, please. Only the sound of whistling wind through the empty halls to accompany their thoughts.

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The Shadow King

The dark king watched his own past unfold before his eyes. He saw the Shrouded Isle again, the place where Ariella died, his dark vessel being given, the meeting, the battle, his time practicing as a doctor and undertaker… Adrastos saw it all and part of him worried whether or not the other saw everything. He couldn’t exactly be found out now. The timing was too soon for his liking. Adrastos couldn’t really dwell too much as the memories shifted from his own to Ayakashi. He saw his training, the despair and death, and his friendship with Yoshiro. Of course he was linked to Yoshiro… The power he displayed could only be tied with the djinn Yoshiro was said to own. Then there was Lestacia. Out of the three, she had it easy. The world was more kind to the female magician than either Adrastos or the fanalis combined, leaving the silver-haired man slightly envious. However, her rather blissful life was replaced with a rather grim scene.

Adrastos wasn’t sure where the incident was taking place or had taken place, but it was nothing like he’d ever seen before. The dark mass falling to the sky look oddly welcoming, but there was something in the pit of his stomach that screamed otherwise. Why was this here? Why was this being shown? Who was this person? The dark king felt compelled to ask, but his words would not leave his lips. They stayed on his tongue before vanishing, along with the dream.

Waking up, the last thing Adrastos heard was the voice of the Undertaker as he faced the gate to the next room: the Necropolis. He stared at his hands, partially surprised he wasn’t killed by the djinn. “Of course not,” he muttered. Why would the djinn kill him? There were still tests to be done. Adrastos wondered what the woman meant by a necessary fear being born, but he was sure to find out after going through the gate.

He turned around to see his mount and other equipment. With a sigh of relief, he mounted as he searched for a familiar furry face. “Hades, come on… Where are you?” The cat’s little head poked out from underneath the skull. “You look better than expected… What happened?” The dark king flicked the reigns. “Long story that can’t be explained now,” he whispered, scratching the little creature behind the ears.

The words of the female and the Undertaker spun in circles in his head. The confusion set into place by the woman and the truth exposed by the quirky man. “We still have a long way to go,” he said, addressing Lestacia and Ayakashi. “The Necropolis will be by far the most challenging of all the dungeon, and something tells me we will still be tested more harshly.” Running back the scenarios in his head, he felt that the next room might challenge them physically. The dungeon just tested them through their minds, piercing into their hearts to challenge their conviction. Next would put the test into reality. What other option was there? The djinn would see if what they portrayed in the dream was real or just idle barking. If not… Well…

The dark king pressed forward. “We’ll just have to see,” he said mainly to himself as he touched the gate to proceed to the next room.

WORD COUNT: xxx/xxx
MAGOI: 480/480
STAMINA: 200/200


Trait Points: 4/11 | SoS: 1
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"How about I just eat you instead and gain you magic power hiding in you?" The voice would chide.

As the beast swallowed her whole the girl could only see darkness. She couldn't sense anything or anyone just the empty void. However Adrastos and Ayakashi appeared. She could see the trials they had been going through. Wait could they see hers? She was a tad worried. However before she could do anything the coffins opened revealing their humanlike contents. Each of them emerged refereshed. A looming silence enveloped them. Something that wasn't broken so easily. Lestacia chocked on the words to say to her comrades but... they wouldn't come out. Lestacia sighed and moved aside Adrastos.

"I'm right behind you Adrastos. Ayakashi! Lets move on ahead. It'll only get worse from here on out!"


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