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Tides are turning, and here comes the big one [Dungeon/Advert Announcement]

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HELLO MAGI WORLD!!! With Great Joy, I am Happy to announce the start of the dungeon, and soon the final battle. Forces gather at the gates while a final confrontation is building over the race towards the dungeon. Before the fun can start though there are special rules and exceptions to this dungeon.

1. For the First 96 hours of the dungeon's post, only members on the last may post in the gate thread.

  • Adrastos

  • Ani

  • Jingyi

  • Lagi

  • Lestacia

  • Noir

  • Tenma

  • Trently

2. After the time period has passed any member will be able to enter. All they must do is touch the gate to get in, but remember people can prevent you from entering.

3. Unless stated that you are in a group, players will be randomly assorted when placed in the dungeon. This applies to all entering.

4. Members on the list may bring a plus one player or NPC if they have sufficient plot or reasoning for it.

5. This dungeon is going to be unforgiving and difficult in a few aspects. While picky, those who show promise even in failure the djinn will save them only once in the dungeon from death. But the player will be forced to start from the beginning.

With these rules stated and in place make sure to keep these in mind. Don't forget to bring essentials and prep strongly for the dungeon. It's a high risk, high reward dungeon to celebrate after lack of a dungeon for so long. Thank you for being so patient after so long, and be prepared to let it loose.

Speaking of things you've been asking for, time to show off our site! Players will be encouraged to advertise, there are just a few rules down below if you choose to.

  1. If you choose to post about our site please represent it properly. Do not harass players, do not break other sites rules.

  2. Make sure to post on sites that you think would have a good crowd for magi. Remember that while anyone can roleplay here it is a PG-13 Forum.

  3. If you choose to use any graphics or pre-scripted dialogue make sure to have it overlooked by a staff member.

  4. If you post on any sites be sure to link it back to here in this post.

  5. This will rework similarly to a referral event. It will be based on how many players join the site. Maybe you wanna just invite people, or do full advertisements. Both will get rewards based of the people they brought over. Players who advertise on sites, will earn extra rewards based of effort but some examples will be included after the rules.

  6. Players may only claim the reward for players after two completed activity checks.

  7. Referred players will need to post here, and at least one member needs to be recruited from an ad to claim any advert prizes.

  8. Prizes:

    Referral Rewards:
    1 Person - C-tier Money Reward
    2 People - Wheel spin ticket (prev. prizes}
    3 People - B-tier Money Reward
    4 People - Double XP Ticket
    5 People - A-tier Money Reward

    Advert Rewards:
    1 Site-  C-tier magic weapon
    2 Sites- B-tier Weapon or Beast
    3 Sites- B-tier Magic tool

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Redeeming 3 site advertisements for B-tier magic tool


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Here are the 3 Advertisements done. I want to redeem them for a B-Tier Magic Item.


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I was unsure about where to post this for quite some time, but I suppose here are my three adverts to be exchanged for a lovely B tier tool:


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