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Farmer Marcus the farmer

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1 Farmer Marcus the farmer on 22/07/18, 03:42 am

I think this profession does not come at a surprise, haha.

Primary Profession
Related Class: Beast Tamer
Profession Title: Farmer
Description: A farmer grows crops, most effectively with the help of beasts, and raises animals for food and milk.
Profession Perks:

  • Farmer's Market - Able to grow crops and raise beasts for eventual consumption. Marcus can sell his food and drinks to other players.
  • A Good Season For Crops - Marcus is sensitive to changes in temperature, the weather, and the earth in general. He has a good grasp of the direction and speed of such changes.
  • Farm owner - Marcus owns a farm, inherited from his parents, with all the employees and farm animals that come along with this. Every Activity Check, Marcus' farm's income supplements what he receives. Marcus receives Huang as if he completed a job of his tier so long as he passes the activity check.


The Marcus Farm
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2 Re: Farmer Marcus the farmer on 09/08/18, 11:46 am

I would have to ask you what kind of food and drink that you'll sell to another player. Is this food able to fill out some magoi or stamina?
About your farm income, ill discuss it with other staff first


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