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The Dueling Ring

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Job Name: The Duel Ring
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The Duel Ring, a bustling center for sparring and fighting in Reim, has put up an invitation for local fighters. They offer a fair reward for anyone that is able to defeat one of their duelers in a fair match within the allotted time given. Accept and clear this challenge to obtain your reward.

Enemy Name: Dueler
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
The dueler's sword deals C-Tier damage

Quick Jab: The dueler jabs their front fist forward dealing D-Tier damage.

Splitter: The dueler slices down vertically to deal C-Tier damage.

A light breeze passed through Reim, lifting the bottom portion of a single piece of paper held fixed to a wall only at the top. Menat stopped, looking at it with a sense of curiosity. Shifting the bag of goods she carried to be able to hold it with just a single hand she reached out and pressed the paper against the wall, holding it in place so she could better read it. Today the young girl was out shopping on her own, a simple errand for Bast, when the fluttering image of the flyer caught her attention in passing. The Dueling Ring had put out an open invitation to the fighters of Reim to come and compete, according to the flyer. The girl's face lit up with a bright smile of excitement. She knew of the Dueling Ring just like anything else Bast had taught her about. It was practically second only to the Coliseum when it came to fights, a smaller venue that had been overshadowed by the coliseum fights yet according to Bast they still managed to find fighters worth the attention.

If they were holding open invitations then she was sure to be able to see some new fighting styles and techniques if she managed to go watch. Ripping the piece of paper off the wall so that she could find the location once she was able to go she raced off back home full of energy and excitement.

WC: 243/1000


The Dueling Ring QtRTjIE

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"Bast!!" The name exploded into the simple abode before Menat herself even made it through the doorway. "Bast! Bast! Where are you?" The child hyperactively asked as she stopped sudden in the main room and quickly looked around for her "sister". Dashing towards the stairs Menat found herself smacking face-first into what she could only describe as a solid wall. "Menat! I've told you to what where you're going. Just cause you're bigger doesn't mean you can't get hurt." Bast said as she looked down at her young charge. Offering Menat her hand in a gesture of helping her up the more physically impressive of the two Fanalis could only find herself chuckling under her breath as Menat practically bounced right back up onto her feet before her.

"If you weren't as cut as a mountain side I wouldn't be getting knocked down like this when I bump into you." Menat responded, her cheeks puffing childishly as she stared at her would-be guardian. "But I guess its a good thing these are starting to grown in now that I'm so much older." Menat cupped her still developing bust giddily. "They make kind of an ok cushion right now." The younger Fanalis laughed to herself while Bast could only groan. "Kiddo if you only knew how much of a hassle the girls can get to be you'd probably be singing a different song."

"Now, boobs aside, what could have possibly caused you to come racing in here like that just to find me?" Bast questioned, the knuckles of her right hand resting gently on her hip as she waited for Menat's answer. Immediately Menat's attention was taken away fromher developing, magically produced, bust and returned to the piece of paper she had dropped to the floor when she herself hit it. "THAT'S RIGHT!" She practically screeched as she scooped up the flyer almost immediately. "There's this fight going on tonight that I want to go and watch. Can we go? Can we? Can we? Can we?" The question was like an endless loop that Bast somehow managed to skillfully drown out as she took the flyer from Menat. Reading over it for several seconds Bast's answer was a quick and swift "No."

A firm answer, as solid as the steel that made the blades of their weapons, that left Menat looking confused beyond a doubt. "But WHY?!"

WC: 396
TWC: 639/1000


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