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Jahangir let loose a low growl. It had gotten to this again somehow. Surrounded on all ends, with nothing but his enemies armed against him. Was it time to dance with life and death again? Perhaps?

“Hee-” a small girl yeeped from behind Jahanghir’s leg. He was playing the hero role again, protecting her. Though what else was he to do, when he was the one who made the rules; who better to enforce them.

“Dont worry about these clowns love-”Jahan consoled

“They’re a good example of why to stay off el ragu”

“Stop Talking! You speak so much”

“You’re not the first to tell me that! Wow!’

“Argh!” The man charged at Jahan, he was a lightly armored soldier and he would be the first to fall. Jahan unleashed his fanalis legs on the soldier dropping the man as he began a sword strike.

“KRRRAK!” rang his ribs as he crumpled below the force of the world king. The next men would move in a flurry. They wouldn’t be so easily dropped. Jahanghir Disagreed, he hadn’t conquered a dungeon to be defeated by normal warriors. He pushed the child back and ran forward to meet the crowd. With intense ferocity he stamped down on the earth intent on shattering anything that came in his way. With much delight the Earth submitted, foldin beneath the Jahangir’s foot; the earth split in half and rose.

The result was blades of earth and powerful debri shooting at either side of him through his march. Jahan made contact with the enemy , his athletic fanalis body cut like marble made little work of the humans. The group of men fell to the ground before Jahanghir came to a quick stop and pivoted on his leg to face the bastards.

“Ugh!Auu” The men wailed in agony as they began to recover from the impact.

“Stop Whining! Aren’t you grown men!” Jahan berrated. He was insulted, if anything that attack hadn’t been performed best. The group was getting up to fast, they had it too easy. Jahan frowned. He hated dealing with prey not worth the chase.

“Listen. I dont really have time to be kickin your asses, if you leave, maybe I wont stampede over you again.”

The threat managed to make some of the warriors weak at the knees, but they didn‘t want to fold. Prideful bunch. Faith in numbers. The men came to their senses but their ranks had been shattered. Jahan encroached on the group, he would not waste any advantages.There was over a dozen in the enemy soldiers and Jahanghir lined their heads of for a well timed series of kicks.


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