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The Quarry (Private Story)

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1 The Quarry (Private Story) on 28/06/18, 05:35 pm



The solitary and solemn wind, the bitter chill. It was one of the eternal senses that the huntsman felt in his lifetime of travels of the snow covered grounds. One might presume the hunter always hunted or was hunted back as a creature of this land could be.

However, one that wards the wilds does not always hunt but observes but understand. One that lives a life of solitude from those that claim to think more highly than the beasts. What happens when one forsakes their natural incline and socialises with the beasts and trees.

What do they become ?

Vodarara did not always hunt to slay but every action had its methodical intentions. Vodarara’s quarry this day was not to kill but to train. Shevika and the Owling were young and inexperienced and these wilds you relied on your elders to show you the way, to show you how to survive.

The bitter winds called as they worked their way through trees of pine. Some stripped of their needles and others still strong even as snow gathered upon the ancient needles. A land stuck in a permanent frost, though many beasts thrive within these wilds no matter what came upon them.

The huntsman and his companions quarry this day was a Yeti, a creature of white hide standing far above a man such as himself and at least as tall as the tallest of imuchakk, in the case of their males.
This quarry a female of the species with a youngster in toe, down from the mountains which they commonly called home.


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