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Kota's Little Vault Bda507b5f67fcbf7dc56ba5e19bbdbf5
Name: Kota Leonhardt

Country Affiliation: Reim

Race: Halfling [Dominant: Mage]

Tier: D

Class: Magician [Water]

Age + Birthdate: Thirteen - March 12

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Questioning


The standard perception of Kota is a shy, innocent and childish boy. Which is partly true. Although he is no child, the rest could pass considerably well. Having spent most of his life hiding behind the figures of others, he has developed this antisocial yet dependant persona. Even so, it has proven to be quite beneficial and has led him undeniably far.

Kota's most notable personality trait is his shy nature. In most socially related events, the boy is hardly ever seen socializing and in fact spends most of the time hiding away from the crowd. There is no chance that he would agree to stand in a small crowd let alone in front of an entire audience. In times of combat or war, he is a follower. Never the leader-type. For this, he is often perpetuated as cute and innocent. Which leads to his secondary, most evident trait.

Whether it serves as a weakness or plain naivete, his innocent side stands out quite admirably and is charming, to say the least. Innocent in the place of maturity, Kota carries the essence of a child's mind and finds himself relying on others. A lot.

This is not to say he is good per se. No, he is, in fact, a little bit of the contrast. Slightly selfish yet very ignorant would be a precise way to put it. Selfish, not in the sense of an evil thief that manipulates others for his own excitement. If anything, the boy is barely aware of his egocentric manners as they are too concealed from the general eye. While Kota avoids taking matters in his own hands as much as possible, he is open to letting others clean up for him. Whether they get hurt in the process or are injured is usually none of his business. This has happened many times in the past and has eventually led the boy to develop a, once again, very dependent personality carelessly troubling others for the sake of his own good.


Sleeping: If Kota makes free time, it will almost instantly go to rest and sleep. No matter how many hours he sleeps away, throughout the day he is always seeming drowsy.

Sweets: In addition to his childish personality, Kota finds sweets to be the best foods and will not hesitate to stuff himself with sugar. Lollipops are a great way to distract the boy.

Tigers: Having grown up around tigers, his favourite animal would undeniably be the white tiger. Probably the only type of animal that don't scare him too.


Confined places: The easiest way to spark panic in the boy is to place him in a cramped cage. Better yet, have him stuck between two large boulders with no way of escape.

Aggressive people: Being a quiet and very calm guy, Kota prefers peace over agitation. Even worse are people who don't know the definition of peace.

What is worse than being stuck between two boulders? Feeling your bones being crushed by them. Pain is a definite no-no for this one.

Aspirations: Kota's goals are quite simple and cliched. He wishes to become strong, one of the strongest. Not for the sake of power and control, but mostly for the sake of defence and safety. He wishes to stay safe and be able to keep himself away from threats. Whether it means finding a 'family' and 'friends' to rely on or to extend the limits of his powers, Kota opts to use any meanings necessary for a safe life. After watching the way his brother hurt in agony as he was being crushed to death, the boy feels like nothing in the world is more important than avoiding such an incident.

Phobias/fears: Claustrophobia.

Confined spaces. An inconvenience for some people, a straight nightmare for Kota. Having grown up in a large environment not has he solely gotten used to the spaciousness but also learned to despise any slightly restraining area. It sparks panic- better yet terror in him, that he will get crushed to death. Or that he will be so helpless that not even his magic is able to protect him. It is kind of similar to having a fear of the unknown. Never having experienced it, Kota would rather never be stuck in a cramped room.

Face-Claim: Gokotai - Touken Ranbu

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Gold

Height: 148 cm

Weight: 49 kg


If you would ask one's first-opinion on Kota, they would unmistakeably call him out on his small figure. Kota appears undeniably much shorter than the average height for his age, inconveniently coming off as a ten-year-old or so. While his timid, slim shaped body furthers this assumption, he also weighs less than average, contributing to a fragile and quite weak form. And even more doll-like, his skin is a pale shade that often brings out the crimson in his cheeks whenever he blushes. With messy, milk-white locks, Kota's hair matches pleasantly with the bright golden shade of his tired-appearing eyes.

Kota's standard attire consists of a dark suit descended to nearly cover the matching dark shorts, occasional white stripes serving as minor details. With a white collar, a dark tie, white belt as well as dark matching kneesocks, the boy may appear as if wearing a school uniform or even a sailor boy outfit.

In the end, this combination of both a small, fragile looking body as well as revealing yet tightly fitting clothes serves Kota a quite cute, feminine look. Something he seems unaware of. In addition to this look, Kota’s usual stance comes off as shy and afraid. Another thing he seems unaware of.

Rukh Alignment: White

Special Features: Kota seems almost always unaware of his doing if it doesn't directly affect him. Whether he does something reckless and injures others or hurts someone emotionally, physically, he will never pay attention. If the person/creature he bothers reacts negatively, Kota will not understand why.

History: Although a sad thing to say, Kota's entire existence was a mistake. If not that, then a curse for he could be the one to blame for his family's terrible demise

In the middle of Reim, in the noble parts of the country, a charming boy was born in a wealthy and prosperous home. A home that many loathed, both for its political views and for the threat it carried. It wasn't truly dangerous, even with the two elder sons being combatants. It's just that for the people outside, a stranger was always a threat, especially if he had not sided with their views at his arrival. This stranger that everyone feared was the mother of Kota, a Mage from outside of Reim. Married to Kota's father, a mere human, she had arrived from a land far away in an attempt to find sanctuary.

Upon Kota's birth, the family had been met with a pleasant surprise. At last, a mage! In addition to the delightful news, the boy had appeared to be so beautiful that there was not one person in the house not fond of him. His parents, brothers, the servants and the maids. For this, one would think the boy would turn out to be proud or arrogant while he would live a great life. Fortunately, the former was not the case while the latter was. At least to a certain extent. See, the thing is, Kota turned out to be quite likeable. Very pure, slightly naive. For this, he would live inside an illusion of joy. One that he was unaware of.

As mentioned, the boy being the third child as well as the first Mage, was showered with great affection from the very beginning. From dozens of gifts being sent his way, to his birthplace receiving a large audience to his first bedroom turning out to be a grand one, red and golden themed furnishings covering the entirety of it, Kota was treated like a royalty. Of course, all of it was thanks to the high fortune that his family held. The other affectionate part consisted of female relatives and maids obsessing over his adorable facial features and family friends endorsing him on the white rukh that surrounded him from birth. For this loving environment, he was rewarded both kindly and unpleasantly. While the presents and blessings were a plus, in the end, beset by a protective mother, he was restricted of going out and embracing the freedom his brothers had. This led to a lonely childhood with solitude being his only friend. And white rukh.

Bound to receive pity, Kota's brother was the one to save him of pure boredom. Valerius, Kota's eldest brother, was the one to spoil him the most. Whether it be giving a large number of sweets to the boy or to entertainment such as circuses being held at the mansion, he made sure his brother receive the best of gifts. His biggest gift, one that Kota found most promising was white, exotic tiger cub twins. For the rest of his life, Kota would grow up with the two cubs as his only close friends, his personality slowly descending into that of a shy and introverted one. At least, it held joy somewhere.

One day, Valerius set out to spar in the Coliseum. Unaware of this, Kota was told that his brother would return eventually and was simply shopping. This went on for days, with Kota questioning each and every one of those days. In the end, Valerius never returned and Kota being naive believed the excuse that he was given. This was the first incident to be hidden from Kota. And as more terrible events started occurring such as the wealth of the household slowly decaying, his father disappearing on his trip to the Kou Empire and other small alarming incidents caused by the status of the family, Kota's mother decided he would have to start practising his magic to protect himself. Kota being fond of magic complied without truly inquiring about why he would suddenly start training. His other brother Claudius, a warrior, opted to train him. And so he did, over the course of three years, all while hiding the undesired truths of the family's condition.

What truly went on was the fact that people feared the Leonhardt family would act upon their beliefs. After all, now that they had a Mage, anything was possible. Right? Or so a few people thought, paranoid actions getting the best of them. To put it simple: the Leonhardt family was not the most loved family in Reim. With many democratic enemies and little to no allies, the household was bound to be messed with eventually.

It was when Kota had just become twelve that the worst yet most awaited tragedy broke out. The mansion was overrun by bandits. Thiefs claiming they were to cleanse the place, to endorse the modern policies that Kota's mother detested. With explosions setting the noble house on fire, Kota's mother made sure her son escape, entrusting Claudius to keep him safe. And so he did, until one minute where was forced to save his little brother from a falling ceiling. Kota, watching his brother get crushed to death was fazed greatly by this. But what terrified him was surprisingly not the fact that his brother was dying in front of him. No, it was the way he was dying. The way he was suffocating in between two walls of stone. Kota left the house right after, completely unaware of what the reason for the ambush was.

Role-Play Sample:

With another large explosion, the mansion shook to the waves of the attack. The sound of the walls crumbling could be heard and in a split second, they were torn open through the waves of what appeared to be magic. No, modern technology. Kota's mother narrowed her eyes in spite. She wasn't certain what this new military invention was, neither was she fond of it. And to the least of her desires, she had to fend against it now. What those vicious bandits did not know was that she had little skill when it came to her Mage prowess so the mansion was doomed either way.

"Claudius!" She called, gripping the white sheets of the bed tightly as she slowly made her way up from the edge. The boy was quick to appear having apparently made his way to her from the beginning.

"Mother, what’s happening? Should I go-"

"No, Claude. I want you to do one thing, and make sure you do it right. Go and find Kota and get him out of here."

"And what will you do?" Claudius stood in the frame of the doors, his hands clenched tightly into a fist. He watched as his mother shook her head in a calm and modest motion. She gestured for him to leave before she went to grab her wand from the inside of her closet. The man nodded before bidding his mother farewell, one that he concluded would be his last. He knew that leaving would bring him to despicably regret it later on. However, he also comprehended that in matters as this, his mother usually knew best and going against her word would only worsen the consequences.

“Make sure he’s safe.” She muttered.

In the end, he found himself running to the bedroom of where his younger brother slept. His mind was filled with regret, his legs keeping a constant yet anxious pace. Through a series of halls, he eventually reached the doors to his brother's room. Placing his hands on the handles, he pushed. Nothing. He tried again, with more force this time. Nothing. In a furious manner, he kicked the door over and over with all of his strength, the wooden pairs finally budging. But only a little.

“Brother!” Kota’s cries could be heard muffled through the gap. Claudius continued to kick the doors until they created a large enough opening for him to slip through. As he forced himself to the other side, he glanced at his brother.

Kota was sitting on the bed on his knees, his hands gripping the sheets of the bed in fear. With a teary eyed sob, the boy stared at Claudius awaiting his savior. Earning a scoff, he blinked in surprise.

“What are you doing?! Get up!” Claudius snapped, his arm raised to gesture towards the collapsing side of the walls. “Hurry up, come.” He ordered, making his way towards his little brother.

As Kota flinched with each scolding, he slowly leaned over the bed to place his leg down, the bed inconveniently ascended unfitting to Kota’s short figure. Still, he was slow to feel his foot touch the carpet before he was bluntly grabbed and lifted by Claudius. In a swift motion, his older brother spun around and headed towards a window.

“Wait, a-are we gonna jump?” Kota cried in panic.

“You’re not. I am.” And so he did, with Kota on his shoulder giving the boy no time to protest. Thankfully, the room of the boy was not too high up giving them an essentially safe landing with the only pain residing in Claudius’ shoulders as Kota tightly dug into them. Setting him down to the ground, Claudius couldn’t help but give his little brother a glare, the latter holding his hands together as he stood with his head low.

“Where is mother?” He whispered, a hint of anxiety in his tone. Claudius looked down for a moment, his throat dry. In an attempt to respond, he was cut short by the sound of wall breaking. Glancing up, his eyes widened for a split second before his instincts kicked in and in a reflexive manner, he pushed Kota out of the way. With no time to save himself, he prepared for the impact of the collision as a large block of stone made its way onto him.

Kota, who had not expected to be shoved so suddenly had not noticed the falling obstruction and therefore had no time to channel his rukh. Instead, he had fell to the ground, his eyes glued to the scene before him: His brother getting crushed to death. Silently, he stared as his brother whispered for him to escape before his body falling unconscious. Kota, naturally, did no such thing with the state of panic he was in. Instead, his mind buzzed with terror, with panic, with so much anxiety that he could not help but forget to breath. The way the stone held Claude down, the way it looked too tight to escape. It looked frightening. It was then that Kota’s phobia came to be. When he cared less about his family dying and more about the fear of trading spots, it was evident that the boy was claustrophobic. Was that even anything to think about in the current state? Perhaps for the boy, yes.

Kota slowly got up, his movement slow and void of grief. Just fright. He carefully turned around and proceeded into the city.

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D-tier Abilities:

Water Sphere
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Wand needs to be aimed in the desired direction for the sphere to fire.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    A casual sphere formed water that is to be aimed at an opponent that should stand in the range of 15 meters. The size is fairly small, being only 3.5 cm diameters yet will deal D-tier damage.

Small Barrier
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user draws a shape in the air while whispering a chant to create the form of the wall. That chant being a single word, one meaning transform in greek: Metatrepo.
When the wall is created, it is not possible to alter the position of it. Even if the user turns or moves away, it will stay in its original spot. The wall is thin and quite vulnerable to fire and can be weakened if melted.
Scaling: AOE
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    By manipulating water to a solid form, the user creates a small, thin wall in front of him that blocks D-tier damage attacks. The shape may vary to befit to the user's position however it will stay in its 1-meter (diameter) size. Unless scaling is used.

Protective Dome
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must be in contact with the liquid, whether directly or indirectly (through a wand).
Scaling: AOE
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    Through the manipulation of water, a strong dome that includes a length of 190cm, as well as 100cm diameter, is formed, big enough to create a protective barrier that covers the user and protects him from D-tier damage. While the dome would be spacious enough to fit another person, that person would have to be smaller than the user (which might be impossible in Kota's case). Though with the help of scaling, the user would be able to change that.

Tornado of Waves
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: User waves wand in a circular motion before raising the wand above his head. Through the spinning water, user's vision of the outside becomes unclear.
Scaling: AOE
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    When initiated, a 5 meter water tornado will form in front the user's wand which is to be raised so the tornado may grow into a 15 meter diameter and envelop the user reflecting any D-tier attacks.

C-tier Abilities:

Anima Poena
Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: In order to summon the water droplets, user needs to concentrate and block out any visionary distractions. While he does this, the wand/staff is to be held in the air so that the water can be manipulated from a distance. This leaves the user vulnerable for a few seconds.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Magoi

    Focusing on the opponent, the user summons 4mm diameter water droplets behind an opponent that should stand 10 meters away in distance. They quickly spiral into a snake that dives at said opponent's neck into a pressure point causing immense pain and C-tier damage.

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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Kota's Little Vault 1d13550cc9044e7cd2aa382ef301e200
Name: Vitreum
Tier: D
Material: Titanium and clear quartz
Appearance: A wand that truly stands for its name and is perceived to be made out of glass but is actually made out of pure quartz. From the top of the crystal orb to the end of the handle, a white and blue titanium rod with the length of 38 cm spirals up to carry an orb made out of clear quartz that is often mistaken for glass. With the top orb being 4 cm diameters and the lower one being roughly 1.5 cm, they mirror the reflection of water, the element that Kota uses, contributing to an even further glassy look.


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