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avatar Duquin2014-02-2521/03/18, 07:07 pm3420Send private message
avatar Ariella Negri2014-07-2506/06/18, 01:03 am3227Send private message
avatar Vardreth2014-06-2822/07/18, 09:31 am2912Send private message
avatar Solomon's Proxy2014-03-13unknown2649Send private message
avatar Noir EcryolaHA!2015-03-06Yesterday at 12:29 pm2139Send private message
avatar Lagi2014-02-27Yesterday at 09:57 pm2122Send private message
avatar Ariel-chanwhat is humor?2016-07-07Today at 05:14 am1586Send private message
avatar Merrze2015-01-25Today at 11:32 am1483Send private message
avatar Diana CorvusDry2016-09-2905/06/18, 05:06 pm1451Send private message
avatar Zadi2014-02-2620/01/18, 07:25 pm1420Send private message
avatar Azix Niraj2014-07-0324/01/18, 02:19 am1376Send private message
avatar Rima FahimSarcastic2016-09-2906/07/18, 05:59 pm1272Send private message
avatar Ayero2014-07-0605/05/17, 06:33 pm1097Send private message
avatar Adrastos ThanatosSarcasm2015-02-02Today at 03:55 am972Send private message
avatar Vodarara2014-02-26Yesterday at 03:45 pm931Send private message
avatar SolomonxKing2015-08-1228/04/18, 12:29 pm723Send private message
avatar Emperor JaJa2014-10-18Today at 11:50 am680Send private message
avatar Jingyi HouDark2017-02-2107/09/18, 01:24 am664Send private message
avatar Lo'??Get It?2014-03-1126/06/18, 04:32 am606Send private message
avatar Hohotaro2015-09-1315/01/16, 06:23 am604Send private message